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Thank you for visiting my site. "XPRESS" is owned and operated by myself Todd Renner. I am an Advanced Care Paramedic, with 15 years experience in industrial, ground, and flight EMS. With the recent epidemic of drug misuse I have started my company which provides Drug and Alcohol testing, First Aid training, and Oil and Gas medical standby. Let us "XPRESS" your company with our quality services.                          

Our Services and Course Offerings

Our company offers different services, and courses.

Breath Alcohol Testing

We provide breath alcohol testing by certified technicians. Featuring the Alcovisor Mercury Breath Alcohol Analyzer. This device is DOT approved, with results standing up in a court of law.

First Aid, Basic Life Support Courses

Coming soon we will be providing First Aid and BLS courses through The Heart and Stroke Association of Canada. Courses will be taught by currently practicing paramedics so students are learning proper field tested techniques along with first hand explanations. 



We provide urine testing which is collected following either DOT or Non DOT procedures by certified collectors. Services include POCT (instant test) as well as lab confirmation services if required.

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